Why Nested Tables are Bad for SEO

Cup Within Cup Image

What are nested tables? They are tables within tables. Some people think that using nested tables is easier in designing a website. For highly optimized website, nested tables are not recommended for a number of reasons.

  1. Nested tables require a longer load time which will affect your overall page load time.
  2. Tables can also cause issues for screen readers and the printing of your pages.
  3. Using tables is not flexible. For people use mobile devices will have a difficult time displaying complex table structures in their limited viewing screen.

What is the solution? Using CSS is actually the technique to design the layouts without complicated nested. CSS is universally supported and offers greater flexibility. With CSS layouts, the page will load faster and provide more accessibility for screens readers. When there is any changes in layouts, CSS will be faster than using tables.

Nested Table Example

For better understanding, see the following nested table structure. In the example, the table2 is located within a right cell of the table1. We call this as nested table.

<table class=”table1”>
            <table class=”table2”>
               <tr><td>nested table</td></tr>
               <tr><td>nested table</td></tr>