How to Submit a Website to DMOZ

Submission Image

The Open Directory Project called DMOZ, is supposed to be the highest authority directory on the Web. People are always want their websites to be listed in this most comprehensive human-edited directory. Here is the step by step instruction on submitting a website to be indexed into DMOZ.

1. Determine whether Your Website is Appropriate for Submission

Here are the websites that are not allowed:

  • Mirror sites, the sites that contain identical content but have altogether different URLs.
  • Sites that contain only the same or similar content.
  • Any site with an address that redirects to another address.
  • Inappropriate site such as child pornography, illegal, advocates and solicits.
  • Sites are under construction.
  • Sites consist largely of affiliate links.

2. Visit the DMOZ Website

If you passed step one, you are ready to go.
Now visit to Dmoz directory.

Step 2 Image

3. Review the Top Level Categories

Identify the most appropriate top level category for your website.
In this example, we choose Business category.

Step 3 Image

4. Review the Subcategory

Identify the subcategory and find the right one for your site.
Browse until you are at the lowest possible category.
In this example, Media Analysis is the most appropriate subcategory for the website we want to submit.

Step 4 Image

5. Click suggest URL

After fount the right subcategory, it time to go to submission page by click on suggest URL link.
You can find the suggest URL at the top of the webpage, see the following image.

Step 5 Image

6. Read Guideline and Rule

Now we are on submission page.
Before fill out the form, you should read the guideline, rule and example on the submission page.

Step 6 Image

7. Fill out the submission information

Now it is time to fill out the submission form.
Make sure that you follow all the guideline and rule.

Step 7 Image

8. Read Submission Agreement and Submit

At the end of the submission form, you will see the submission agreement.
Be sure to read it before clicking on Submit buttton.

Step 8 Image

9. Wait for your website to be indexed

After clicking on submit button, we completed the submission. We need to wait for the website to be indexed. As it is a human-edited, it becomes one of the toughest directories to get listed in. It may take weeks or even months to get indexed. The reason is that every submission is need to be reviewed by at least one other editor before it gets approved and there is not enough volunteers.