10 Tips to Improve Your Social Media Presence

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Social media like Facebook, Google Plus, Pinterest, Twitter, StumbleUpon are indispensable tools capable of boosting your ROI. Yet, it could kill your marketing campaign if not used appropriately. Nothing discourages your clients from keeping the conversation lively like a dead social media platform. Explosive growth within the social media industry has made it a necessity for businesses to move beyond the traditional marketing systems.

Today businesses must develop and maintain a comprehensive marketing strategy to succeed.

Social media offers you the ability to build a substantial media presence that supports sustainability. You might have your profiles up and running, but need a great following to realize convincing results. Here are ten crucial tips to help you engage with your customers and develop a convincing social media brand.

1. Identify your Goals and Objectives

Success is out of reach for businesses that make use of social media without specified goals and objectives. Take time to think about what you wish to gain from each social media platform. Measure your resources against these goals and objectives to determine whether your efforts will be viable.

The online industry can be quiet noisy. You could be disappointed easily if you decided to venture into social media without appreciating your overall goal. Spell out what you wish to gain and why the chosen platform would be suitable for your business. If possible, get a worksheet template from the Internet to guide you in developing your strategy.

2. Understand the Needs of your Audience

Talk to your customers and understand their needs before engaging them over the social media. Share the details that matter to them and let them guide you in determining the best way to fulfil their interests. Knowledge from everyday solutions and detailed instructions offered to customers can also be good sources of determining what your audience needs. Translate such details into valuable and usable content for your page or profile. Use automated tools such as BuzzSumo to determine your target market once your social media platform is advanced.

3. Build a Complete Profile

Most social media channels have little or no information about the company. A Facebook page or Linked in profile with no adequate background information is as good as a non-existent platform. Update your profile in 1st person and add a recent photo that describes who you are and what you do. Add a precise title and an informative title that tells the reader what your company offers at a glance. Take full advantage of all features offered by each platform you subscribe to. Remember, your profile can either convince or drive away your prospect customers.

4. Create an Engaging and Intelligent Network

Look for people you know on each social media network and have them connect with your profile or page. Each network has a unique tool for identifying people who join your network. You can have them as followers on Twitter or rather add them in your Circles on Google Plus. Replicate all your connections and you will be surprised at all the potential connections you can make. Engage all your connections and avoid dismissing or controlling them. Jump in at questions or comments on your profile and have fun with your followers. Address negative comments rather than deleting them and you will command respect from your network.

5. Share Relevant and Helpful Content

Social media profiles are meant for communication with your existing and prospective customers. Communication is enhanced by sharing relevant content and receiving feedback from your network. Engage with intent, focus and discipline. Outline clear objectives on how you wish to engage your social media network. Share relevant content, have meaningful interactions and expect Likes, Shares, Followers, Profile views and Link Clicks that lead more and more customers to your website. Maintain an authentic, helpful and influential tone throughout your communication.

6. Network Consistently

It isn’t possible to create a successful social media campaign by spending 5-10 minutes each day networking with your followers. You need to dedicate enough time each day to engage with your online customers. Develop a schedule on the most appropriate times to engage. It could be in the morning, at lunch hour, late afternoons or evenings. Better yet, consider using incredible software tools that can help you plan for your time and optimize your social media activities. Opt for such tools after you are familiar with each social network involved.

7. Develop a personal and human presence

Some companies make big errors by developing a corporate media presence. Beware, some customers find a corporate social platform too cold, distancing and too boring. Make it fun and use engaging language to deliver a personal and human voice. If possible, designate one person to be in charge of updating content on your social media channel. This is important to keep a consistent voice in all the posts. Consistency should cover your marketing and brand message in a simple yet convincing design. Encourage your customers to like, share, tweet or even comment at the end of each post uploaded.

8. Optimize your Social Media Platform

Just like SEO, social media optimization is powerful in helping you gather enough followers who can then convert into regular customers. People use keyword-based search queries when researching about a product or service. Strategic use and placement of keywords in your social media posts will increase your visibility on search engines. Avoid keyword stuffing while developing your content. Instead, strive at optimizing content for human consumption, SEO and SMO. Follow all the Search Engine Optimization rules and you will attract unique visitors beyond your geographical cover.

9. Promote your Social Platforms Everywhere

Integrate all your social media platforms and let them be a click away from each other. Your Facebook page should be easier to access through your Twitter. Furthermore, all your accounts should be integrated into your blog and website. If you setup your account too well, a single update on one platform will result in consecutive updates on all the other platforms.

You can also promote your social media presence offline through your employees and customers. Encourage your employees and customers to Like, Share or Retweet Company posts to reach a larger audience. Keep the idea fresh in their mind and sit back to enjoy remarkable social media presence.

10. Focus on getting Qualitative Results

There is no sure mechanism to determine whether your followers bought a certain product or service. You could have several followers who do not translate into buyers. Remember, you are using social media to gather followers who in turn become regular customers. It doesn’t paying having a huge following and making loses in return.

Focus on the posts that gather more favor from your followers and use them to transform your business. If possible, use your social media channel to post questions and get feedback from your followers. Through this, your followers will be convinced to use your services rather than remain mere followers.

Building a powerful social media presence takes time. Don’t expect to be up the ladders overnight.