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Updated Feb 10 2015

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Issue Checklist



Traffic Volume

Your website has a medium amount of visitors every month.

Traffic Volume is an estimated traffic level of visitors that visited your website every month.

Traffic Rank
Ranks #26,818 in the World
Ranks #11,759 in US United States

Excellent! Your website has a very good traffic rank. See more detail at Alexa .

Traffic Rank provides a rough estimate of the website's popularity compare to other sites around the World. For Traffic Rank, lower is better.

5 / 10

Fantastic! Your website PageRank is impressive.

PageRank is an algorithm used by Google Search to rank websites in their search engine results. It is a way of measuring the importance of website pages. PageRank is range from 0 to 10.

Domain Age
13 years, 1 month, 26 days

Amazing! your domain has been on the internet for more than a decade.

Domain age has been included in Google ranking factors.



BrightTALK: Videos and webinars from business experts

Length: 53 character(s)

Nicely done! Your website title is between 10 and 70 characters. Make sure the title is accurately describe the page's content and unique for each page on your site.

Title Tag tells both users and search engines what the topic of a particular page is.


Get powerful business insights from experts with BrightTALK videos and webinars. Learn and share your knowledge with the world's brightest professionals.

Length: 153 character(s)

Well done! Your meta description is between 70 and 160 characters. Make sure the description is accurately summarize the page's content and unique for each page on your site.

Description Meta Tag gives user and search engines a summary of what the page is about.

video, videos, webinar, webinars, community, professional, professional community, communities, professionals, professional communities, content
Keywords Text 11 words

Meta keywords tag should be no more than 10 unique words or phrases. Google, Yahoo and Bing do not use the keywords meta tag in web search ranking anymore. Use keywords meta tag with caution. It has a high chance of negative ranking impacts if it is overstuff.

Keywords Meta Tag is outdated method for search engines and provides no benefit for ranking.

Og Meta Properties

Your site does not take advantage of Og Meta Properties.

Your website does not take advantage of Og Properties. You can learn more at .

Open Graph protocol enables any web page to become a rich object in a social graph. For instance, this is used on Facebook to allow any web page to have the same functionality as any other object on Facebook.

  • <H1> Get powerful business insights from experts with BrightTALK™ videos and webinars
  • <H2> Choose your professional community

Nicely done! You are using heading tags (<H1> to <H6>) to structure your content. For best practices, use only one <H1> per page and using heading tags are for making it easier to navigate through your document not only SEO. Do not use too many heading tags on a page. It can make it hard for users to scan the content.

Heading Tags are used to present structure on the page to users. It beginning with <H1>, the most important, and ending with <H6>, the least important.


Total: 9 image(s)
8 image(s) are missing "alt" atributes.

<img src="/resources/images/logo_b.png?v=59312642" class="logo" alt="BrightTALK" itemprop="logo">
<img class="featured-community-image" src="/bundles/brighttalkhomepage/images/communities/it-640x395.jpg?v=59312642">
<img class="featured-community-image" src="/bundles/brighttalkhomepage/images/communities/legal-640x395.jpg?v=59312642">
<img class="featured-community-image" src="/bundles/brighttalkhomepage/images/communities/hr-640x395.jpg?v=59312642">
<img class="featured-community-image" src="/bundles/brighttalkhomepage/images/communities/finance-640x395.jpg?v=59312642">
<img class="featured-community-image" src="/bundles/brighttalkhomepage/images/communities/marketing-640x395.jpg?v=59312642">
<img class="featured-community-image" src="/bundles/brighttalkhomepage/images/communities/sales-640x323.jpg?v=59312642">
<img class="featured-community-image" src="/bundles/brighttalkhomepage/images/communities/bm-640x323.jpg?v=59312642">
<img class="featured-community-image" src="/bundles/brighttalkhomepage/images/communities/rd-640x323.jpg?v=59312642">

There are some images do not have "alt" attribute (alternative text). Alt is very useful for screen reader, it provides information about the picture.

Alt Attribute allows you to specify alternative text for the image if it cannot be displayed for some reason.

Text/Html Ratio

Text is 29.53% of HTML code.

Well done! Text/Html ratio on your website is between 20% to 80%.

Text/Html ratio represents the percentage of actual text and code in a webpage.


Great! Your website is using GZIP compression. This will make your web page load faster and provide better user experience.

Gzip is the most popular and effective compression method at this time. For Apache, the module configuring gzip is depended on your version Apache 1.3 uses mod_gzip while Apache 2.x uses mod_deflate.


Great! Your website has robots.txt file.

Robots.txt is a file which you can specific the folder or file for search engine spiders to crawl and where are restricted. The robots.txt must be placed in the root directory of your site.

WWW Resolve
Yes and redirect to the same page.

Nicely done! Your website is accessible with and without www and redirect to the same page. Search engines consider www and without www as two different websites which make duplication.

WWW Resolve is a redirection in the server configuration to either force WWW before the domain name or not.


HTTP Secure is detected with SSL Certificate:

Issued To
Common Name (CN)*
Organization (O)BrightTALK
Organization Unit (OU)Production
Issued By
Common Name (CN)Verizon Akamai SureServer CA G14-SHA1
Organization (O)Verizon Enterprise Solutions
Organization Unit (OU)Cybertrust
Period of Validity
Begins On21-Oct-2014
Expires On21-Oct-2015

Great! Your website use HTTP Secure which protects the integrity and confidentiality of your users' data. Now, Google is starting to use HTTPS as a ranking signal and encourage all website owners to switch from HTTP to HTTPS to keep everyone safe on the web. For now it's only a very lightweight signal.

HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure) is a communications protocol for secure communication over a computer network on the Internet.

URL Rewrite

Your site has friendly URL structure.

Well done! you are using user friendly URL structure.

URL Rewrite is creating rules to generate friendly URL structure for dynamic sites.

IP Canonicalization

The site's IP address: is redirected to

Great! your website IP address redirects to your website.

IP Canonicalization is redirection of your website's IP to your website's URL.

XML Sitemap

Found 1 sitemap(s):


Well done! Your website has XML sitemap(s).

XML Sitemap allows you to inform search engines about URLs on your website that are available for crawling. Therefore, the search engines able to crawl the site more intelligently.


Your site is not listed in DMOZ

Your website is not listed in DMOZ. If you have never submitted your website to DMOZ, you should submit one. Read this guide How to Submit a Website to DMOZ for help.

The Open Directory Project called DMOZ , is supposed to be the highest authority directory.

Underscores in URLs

Underscore ( _ ) is not found in the URL.

Perfect! No underscore is detected in your URLs. For better understanding, you should read this Underscore Vs Dashe in URL .

Google recommends that you use hyphens ( - ) instead of underscores ( _ ) in your URLs.

Keywords Cloud

A list of keywords that is generated from your website.

Keywords Cloud provides you an idea of frequently recurring keywords on your website.

Keywords Consistency
Keyword Content Title Description Headings

For best SEO practice, your targeted keyword should be included in title tag, description tag, H1 tag and your website's content.

Keywords Consistency table provides you the information about keyword consistency in your website.


Favicon Favicon

Well done! Your website has a favicon. Favicon is very useful for users in term of usability and also important for build brand awareness. Favicon should be 16px by 16px for standard screens, and 32px by 32px for retina screens.

Favicon also known as a shortcut icon, website icon, tab icon or bookmark icon, is a file containing one or more small icons and associated with a particular website.

Domain :
Length : 10 character(s)

Great! Your domain name length is less than 15 characters. In general, short domain names are easier to remember and share.

Domain length should not longer than 15 characters.

Page Size

Your page size: 10 KB
(World average page size is 320 KB)

Great! Your page size is less than 320 KB, an average page size on the internet. The page size effects page loading time. The smaller the faster, but you also need to keep balance between user experience and page size.

The average page size on the internet is 320 KB.

Load Time
0.8976 second(s)

Nicely done! Your website is loading fast.

Load time is a very important factor in search ranking algorithms, user’s experience and conversion rate.

Custom 404 has custom 404 page.

Great! Your website has custom 404 error page. Having a custom 404 page that kindly guides users back to a working page can greatly improve a user's experience.

The 404 page should probably have a link back to your root page and could also provide links to popular or related content on your site.


Well done! Your website has a Doctype.

The DOCTYPE tells a validator which version of HTML to use in checking the document's syntax and tells the browser how to render the page in standards compliant mode.


Well done! Your website has charset Attribute.

Without HTML charset Attribute, the browser may not know the character encoding and not able to render correctly.


Nicely done! your website specifies the language declaration.

Language declaration is used for the text to speech converter, and rendering the page correctly.


No flash is found.

Great! We found no Flash content on your website.

Most of Flash contents are not crawlable by search engines.


Iframe is detected.

You website is using iframe. You should not use Iframe for displaying main content or site structure. Minimize using it as possible as iframe causes problems for search engines to crawl the content.

Iframe is an HTML document embedded inside another HTML document on a website.

Inline CSS

Inline CSS is detected.

Your website has inline CSS. You should add them into external CSS for better performance. In the real world, using external files generally make the page load faster because CSS files are cached by the browser. CSS that are inlined in HTML documents get downloaded every time the HTML document is requested. The size of the HTML document is reduced without increasing the number of HTTP requests.

Inlined CSS is adding a styling to individual HTML elements using <style> tags.

External CSS

Found 1 external CSS file(s)

NoCSS File
1<link type='text/css' rel='stylesheet' href="/compiled/css/brighttalkhomepagebundle/homepage.css?v=59312642">

Nicely done! Your website has few CSS file. Combined files are a way to reduce the number of HTTP requests and make page load faster.

External CSS is a separate style sheet file where you can declare all the styles that you want to use on your website. You then link to the external style sheet within the web page.

External JavaScript

Found 2 external JavaScript file(s)

NoScript File
1<script class="optimizely-tag" src="//">
2<script type="text/javascript" src="/compiled/js/responsive-homepage.js?v=59312642">

Nicely done! Your website has few JavaScript file. Combined files are a way to reduce the number of HTTP requests and make page load faster.

External JavaScript is a separate script file which is linked within the web page.

JavaScript Position
No JavaScript is found in the head tag.

Well done! Your website does not have JavaScript file in the head of the document.

Usually, JavaScript is used for functionality and validation features. It can be loaded after other important things such as CSS, text and other assets on the page.

Deprecated HTML

No deprecated HTML is detected.

Great! No deprecated HTML is found in your website.

Deprecated tags are those that have been replaced by other, newer, HTML constructs and they become obsolete.

Nested Table

No nested table is detected.

Well done! Your website is not using nested table. Nested table causes page load slower and rendering issues. For best practice, it is recommended to use CSS for layout.

Nested table is an HTML table that has another table inside it.

W3C Validity
8 error(s) and 1 warning(s)

Your website has errors after W3C validity checked. See W3C Check for full report. W3C validation is important for browser compatibility and site usability.

W3C Validity checks the markup validity of Web documents in HTML, XHTML, SMIL, MathML etc.

Email Privacy

No email address in plain text is found.

Good! No plain text email address on your website. Here is a quick guide on How To Protect From Email Address Harvesting .

Many bad bots scrape email addresses from web page and plain text email addresses are like to be spammed.

Dublin Core

Your site does not take advantage of Dublin Core Schema.

Your website does not take advantage of Dublin Core Schema. You can learn more at .

The Dublin Core Schema is a small set of vocabulary terms that can be used to describe web resources such as video, images, web pages, etc. as well as physical resources such as books or CDs, and objects like artworks.


No print-friendly CSS is found.

We could not find a Print-friendly CSS in your website. You should read this guide on How to Create a Print-friendly CSS for Your Website .

Printing-friendly CSS provides the users the friendly printing experience.

IP Blacklist

Your Site's IP: is not listed in any blacklist(s).

Great! Your mail server IP address is not listed in anti-spam database. If your mail server IP address has been blacklisted, some email you send may not be delivered and will be marked as spam.

IP Blacklist is a feature that check to see whether your IP address is listed on an anti-spam database or not.

Server Signature

Turned OFF

Well done! your web server signature is turned off. Showing the server signature will be giving potential hackers an easier way to identify how to hack your system.

Server signature is displayed on error pages including 404 Not Found, 403 Access Forbidden pages by default.

Server IP & Location

Server IP:
Location: London, GB United Kingdom.

Country NameUnited Kingdom
Country Code3GBR
Country CodeGB
RegionLondon, City of
DMA Code0
Area Code0
ISPBackbone Connect Limited
OrganizationBackbone Connect Limited
Time ZoneEurope/London
Google Map Server Location on Map

The search engines take geolocation of server into account. If your server IP address comes from UK, and your top-level domain is, then you are probably based in United Kingdom. Your website will also load faster for users in United Kingdom

Safe Browsing

Nicely done, your website is safe. No malware or phishing has been detected by Google Safe Browsing.

Safe Browsing is a Google service that check URLs against Google's constantly updated lists of suspected phishing and malware website.

Web of Trust
Child safety  

Reputation Detail
CategoryConfidence Value
 Good site32%

Great! Your website has the green trust rating status from WOT.

WOT displays a colored traffic light next to website links to show you which sites people trust for safe searching, surfing and shopping online: green for good, red for bad, and yellow as a warning to be cautious. See more detail at WOT™ .



Wonderful! Your website has a nice social present on Facebook.

Facebook is one of the most popular online social networking service today. Here is its official website: .

Google Plus

Excellent! Your website has a nice social present on Google Plus.

Google Plus is a popular social networking and identity service that is owned and operated by Google Inc. Its web address: .


Your website has a low social present on Pinterest. Having your own social presence that is well regarded is very important. Therefore, participate on relevant social platforms in a real and authentic way.

Pinterest is a popular web application that offers a visual discovery, collection, sharing, and storage tool. Its official site: .


Your website has a low social present on Twitter. Having your own social presence that is well regarded is very important. Therefore, participate on relevant social platforms in a real and authentic way.

Twitter is an well known online social networking service that enables users to send and read short 140-character messages called tweets. Its official site: .


Awesome! Your website has a nice social present on StumbleUpon.

StumbleUpon is one of the top discovery engine that finds and recommends web content to the users. Its official website: .


Phone View mobile screenshort

Today, millions of people are browsing websites on their smartphone. Make your site look great on mobile devices to offer your users a full mobile experience.

Tablet View tablet screenshort

Today, millions of people are browsing websites on their tablet device. Make your site look great on tablet devices to offer your users a full tablet experience.

Mobile Optimization
Apple Icon
Meta Viewport Tag
No Flash Content

Well done! Your website is mobile friendly. Mobile-friendly websites is crucial for web optimization in this modern day.

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